Sultan Qaboos bin Said
Sultan Qaboos bin Said

Today the government in the Sudan, Benai Omani Sultan Qaboos bin Said, who died this morning the government and condolences are quoted and the Sudanese people to the people of Oman and the Omani government in the death of Qaboos.

In its statement today, the Sudanese government affirmed that the Sultan is a Qaboos that is considered the actual founder of the renaissance in the State of Oman.
The Government of Sudan commended the achievements of the Sultan Qaboos of the Omani herb.
The Sudanese government also praised what the Omani Sultan also provided to the Arab and Islamic homeland and Al-Qudaya Al-Qadariya's great service.
The government in the State of Sudan has also expressed its sincere condolences and the Sudanese people to the royal family in the Sultanate of Oman.
At the end of its statement, the Government of the Sudan wished success to the new Sultan, Haytham Bin Tariq Al Said, in governing the country.
The government affirmed its belief that the new Sultan, Haitham, was the son of Tariq Al Said, who would continue the path of revival and prosperity back to the mouth of Suleiman.