Tamim bin Hamad
Tamim bin Hamad

Tamim bin Hamad's infection with the Corona virus was issued a short while ago, hashtag on the Twitter blogging platform, under the hashtag #Direct_Qatar_Injury_Tameem_Kuruna, and the tweets began to interact very much with the tweet, in the context of reassuring the health of the Emir of Qatar.

In this regard, the hashtag # Mubasher_Qatar_South_Tamim_Koruna has started interacting with many people at the present time until it reached the trend in Qatar and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and many countries in the world.

# Mubasher_Qatar_Injury_Tameem_Koruna tops Twitter platform
We will show you via Al-Mukhtasir newspaper after the comments written on the hashtag, where Muhammad Al-Sibiani wrote, "Evil, sickness and death are not enough of his silence and do not wish him even for your infidel enemy, no Muslim man with whom you have blood and son-in-law. We disagree with him. Yes, and he reached the children of Salman. In God’s creation. "

Tamim bin Hamad, Emir of the State of Qatar, was infected with the Corona virus
He also commented another tweeter, Miss Miss, called under the tag, saying: "Oh God, to smell it, whether the news is true and not spread by the brothers of sickness and death, what is their shame no matter what the person."

Many commented at the present time also on a case of misfortune also from blogging, especially since many people at the present time lied about this news, demanding that the hashtag be removed from the Twitter platform.

Also, many liked reassuring the health of the Emir of the State of Qatar, and others wished for recovery if the news was true, and others also tweeted about the same approach, which sparked a state of controversy between the Qatari community and the Arab community on the Twitter platform.

On the other hand, the tweet of a writer working for a Saudi newspaper has sparked great controversy and ridicule on social media after describing Corona virus as a "Qatari formula with distinction."

# Qatar_ha_kuruna: Qatar is growing corona and exporting it to the world
Under the tag # Qatar_Horona, Nora Al-Mutairi also revealed that “Doha paid billions to cultivate this dreadful virus in China, with the aim of hitting the year 2020, which was intended to start achieving the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030 and Dubai Expo 2020 and the end of the Ottoman caliphate and the achievement of the Riyadh agreement and the return of peace to the Middle East.” .

Some also wrote that Qatar was the one that implanted and exported the Corona virus in the world, and the responses to Al-Mutairi's Tweet, which in turn opened a debate about the corona virus's connection to conspiracy theory, and the impact of the discourse on it on the Gulf crisis and the Qatari-Saudi relations were filled.