Mubasher Qatar reveals infection of Tamim bin Hamad, Emir of Qatar with Corona virus
Mubasher Qatar reveals infection of Tamim bin Hamad, Emir of Qatar with Corona virus

A case of intense controversy at the top of the Twitter platform at the present time about the video of Tamim bin Hamad infection of the Corona virus after the launch of the hashtag hashtag # Direct_Qatar_Injury_Tamim_Koruna Trend Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

In a related context, the Emiri Palace in Doha has experienced a state of panic, without knowing the workers and officials of the true cause of this situation, so many questions have arisen at the present time taking place inside the closed rooms of the palace and the terrible silence that afflicted those inside it.

Tamim bin Hamad infected with Corona virus after a spread in Qatar tops Twitter platform
In this regard, the report of the Qatari opposition channel added, that sources for "Mubasher Qatar" inside the Emiri Palace confirmed that Tamim Hamad, the Emir of terrorism, had been bedridden for days, and that his temperature was very high and he did not leave his room for three days, and a large number is currently rotating From doctors.

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The fact that Tamim bin Hamad, the Emir of the State of Qatar, has been infected with the Corona Virus is a controversial Tweet on the Twitter platform.
The report pointed out: "The sources said that they spoke with one of the doctors supervising the treatment of Tamim secretly, and revealed a great tragedy of the possibility of the Prince of Terrorism infected with the Corona virus, the treating doctor pointed out that there is a high possibility of infection of Tamim virus, as the symptoms he suffers from are similar to the symptoms of Sk. "

On the other hand, the report on "Mubasher Qatar" on the Twitter platform has been completed: "The sources have been searching for the past two days for the new thing that Tamim did before his health illness, and they discovered that he had received an American girl coming from Italy without knowing that she was carrying the virus, which made him exposed to infection in Waiting for his fate, which many in the Qatari interior and countries of the world hope will be his urgent and future death. "

The news of Tamim bin Hamad's infection with the Corona virus that invades the world, "Twitter", was published for short blogs in many Arab countries, and the comments of the media pioneers were filled with thousands of tweets.

# Mubasher_Qatar_Injury_Tameem_Koruna tops Twitter platform
# Direct_Qatar_Injury_Tameem_Koruna, as many people at the present time interacted with Al-Hajjat ​​very significantly and the reactions on the Twitter platform began with a state of fear and many questions how the virus reached the Emir of Qatar and is it real or unreal, everyone at the present time asks about the health status of the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad, especially since the Ministry of Health and the Qatari government have kept it secret until now.