Kuwait Court of Cassation
Kuwait Court of Cassation

Residents of Kuwait and claims for housing allowance for female teachers. Residents exceeded 5 thousand lawsuit aimed at paying the Kuwaiti government 50 million dinars for female residents, but the Court of Cassation provides the large amount for the state treasury.

Female teachers reside in court to obtain housing allowance retroactively

In this context, the Ministry of Education in Kuwait issued the arrival of the number of lawsuits filed by female teachers in order to obtain a housing allowance retroactively, against the backdrop of the decision of the Civil Service Council and the ruling of the Constitutional Court, which exceeded the barrier of 5 thousand lawsuits.

Court of Cassation decisions in favor of the Ministry of Education

For its part, the Ministry of Education, during its response to a parliamentary question, indicated that the Court of Cassation's judgments were often frequent in stopping the enforcement of rulings issued against it by the Ministry of Education.

It is worth noting that the rulings issued in the matter of these cases by the Court of Cassation came in the interest of the Ministry of Education.

Provide the value of the housing allowance retroactively to the state treasury

In a related development, some well-informed sources revealed to the Kuwaiti press that the Court of Cassation's refusal of thousands of lawsuits for housing allowances for non-Kuwaiti women teachers saved about 50 million dinars for the state, and it would have been spent for 10,000 resident teachers if the Ministry of Education represented in the legal sector, fatwa and legislation did not strive to exhaust Degrees of appeal.

It is worth noting that the courts of first instance and the appeal had previously ruled in their favor, but the Court of Cassation suspended all these rulings and ruled that they were not entitled to the retroactive effect of the housing allowance, according to the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas.