Saudi Aviation
Saudi Aviation

Saudi Civil Aviation denied this morning all the news of the current period of stopping the movement of air traffic through Saudi Arabian Airlines in the country until the end of this year.

In a statement of heavy caliber, the Saudi Civil Aviation Authority approved a source statement in which the newspaper "Independent Arabia" that all its airports are closed until this moment, in front of foreign companies or in front of foreign flights, except for what is happening at the present time exceptions such as the return of Saudis stranded abroad to Saudi territory again.

In the meantime, "Reuters" agency revealed that the recent message to the next via e-mail, which the agency has seen, revealed that "Saudi Airlines, owned by Saudi Arabia, does not expect the return of air traffic to normal until the end of the year 2020, and that it requested some crews Suspend their contracts until the end of this date. "

And showed the company in two separate mail messages to all its crews, according to the agency, "International aviation operations will not return to normal until next December 2020 according to expectations."

The Saudi Civil Aviation Authority has also asked some employees to suspend their contracts from April to the end of this year 2020.

However, the Civil Aviation Authority, in a telephone conversation with the newspaper, revealed that the content of the letter that was referred to has not been issued until that moment or has been formally sent by the authority to its partners in the aviation agencies all over the world, including Saudi Airlines.

As for Saudi Airlines, its platform currently refuses to book international flights.

The Saudi Civil Aviation Authority stated that the flight schedules have not changed and the flight schedule will remain the same until further notice, indicating that it was unable to find the departure flights required for the travelers. "But the flight schedules after this date have not changed, which means that the company's initial estimate The continuation of the Corona crisis continues until the end of next June.