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The General Administration of Passports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia revealed today, Friday, the initiative of return launched by the Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia, for those who wish to be regular foreign residents who hold a visa "exit and return, final exit, and all kinds of visits, and tourism," declaring that Egypt is among the countries that Its citizens were allowed to travel.

In a related context, Saudi passports have confirmed through the social media platform on Twitter today that visa holders (exit and return, final exit, and all kinds of visits, and tourism) can submit requests to return to their countries electronically via the Absher platform.

And he showed and showed the official account of passports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the steps of submitting the request to return back to the homeland in an effort by the Saudi government to implement all students of expatriate workers on its soil.

And the Passports Department revealed "from the conditions of the return initiative, according to me the Saudi Passports Department, that the applicant must have a fingerprint in the system, the presence of a valid visa for the applicant, and the existence of a valid passport for the applicant, as well as the absence of a security note on the applicant, , And that the destination is from the countries covered by the initiative. "

And the Passports Department showed that the countries currently benefiting from this new initiative are: (Egypt, the Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan).

This comes after the Corona virus spread very significantly in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the recent period, work stopped and many companies and institutions in the Kingdom were closed, with the Saudi government implementing all curfews imposed on all citizens in the recent period, which caused work to stop Directly in the Kingdom.