Distinctive residence in Saudi Arabia
Distinctive residence in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has just disclosed the start of granting distinguished residence to all expatriates and expatriate workers in Saudi Arabia and all workers in various jobs and different specialties.

In a related context, expatriates know that a distinguished residence will completely change their lives, and make it easier in the presence of a residence that saves them a lot of time, effort and money, in addition to that residence gives their owners, including the Egyptian community, many advantages.

To start with, we will make it clear to all of our visitors, through the Al-Mukhtar newspaper, about the benefits of distinguished accommodations and their full fees.

The benefits of distinguished residence for all expats in Saudi Arabia

1- He can reside in the Kingdom with his family.

2- Visit visas can be obtained for relatives, as determined by the regulations.

3- He is able to bring domestic workers according to his needs.

4 - Freedom to leave the kingdom and return to it self, and allow it to use the corridors designated for the Saudis when entering the kingdom through its ports and leaving it.

5- Doing business in accordance with the foreign investment system.

Premium residence fees for the current year 2020

The Saudi government has announced special residence fees, which will be set at about 100,000 riyals annually, while the service for obtaining them will be offered permanently for a fee of 800,000 riyals.