Schools in the Emirates
Schools in the Emirates

The UAE authorities revealed the possibility of recovering school fees, explaining exceptional cases ... for parents to recover school fees for Dubai

UAE identifies exceptional cases Private school fees can be refunded

In this context, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in the Emirate of Dubai has announced the possibility of recovering registration fees for new students and fees for re-registration of registered students and setting exceptional cases.

This step comes within the framework of the registration policy and the recovery of school fees in private schools accredited by it.

School fees refunds

These cases were identified in:

It is established that the family will travel to another country.
The student's family moves to another emirate.
Or any exceptional circumstances submitted to the Authority for consideration.

Conditions for recovering school fees in the Emirates

On a related level, the authority has set some general conditions for recovering fees in applying the policy of refunding fees for each semester separately, according to the date of the request of the guardian to withdraw from the school, and indicated that calculating the value of the fees recovered from the date of the request formally submitted by the guardian about his desire Not to continue his son in school, and not from the date of absence.

Also, it is among the rights of the guardian that the government has approved in this regard to recover registration fees or re-registration before the beginning of the school year, in the event that the school’s evaluation according to the school monitoring body falls to a lower level, the student moves to a higher-evaluation school, and the book fees are refunded in the event that The student joins the studies before the start of the school year only.

Also, it is the guardian’s right to recover the fees paid, provided that registration fees or re-registration fees are deducted only, in case the school fees are paid in full and he decides to withdraw before the beginning of the school year, and if the student has been enrolled in the school for two weeks or less, a month is calculated from the value of the fees Only, if the period exceeds two weeks and a maximum of one month, then two months are counted, but if it exceeds a month, the full semester value is calculated, according to what was published in Al Bayan newspaper.