How to obtain Saudi nationality
How to obtain Saudi nationality

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has opened the way for thousands of expatriates to obtain Saudi citizenship in the current year 2020, especially after it approved many new regulations related to raising the quality of services provided to expatriates, whether they are of Arab or non-Arab nationalities.

In this report through the Al-Mukhtasar News website, we will explain to all our followers those categories, which are the categories whose owners are allowed to obtain Saudi citizenship for the year 2020, so the Saudi government has facilitated the procedures for applying for nationalities to specific groups in order to give them the opportunity to obtain Saudi citizenship and benefit from its advantages within specific criteria And a flat fee.

Conditions to be met by expatriates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

That the expatriate or foreigner applying for nationality entered the Saudi lands legally
That the expatriate holds a valid passport from his country of origin.
At least 10 consecutive years for the expatriate to stay in a regular manner in Saudi Arabia.
To be one of the professions that the Saudi lands need.

Categories of expatriates who are entitled to obtain Saudi nationality

Granting Saudi women married to citizenship in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and adding their children.
Granting married Saudi women the Saudi nationality and adding their children inside and outside Saudi Arabia.
Granting the Saudi nationality to the children of Saudi Arabia and the resident for a period of no less than fifteen years and added by their children.