New Saudi decisions for residents 2020
New Saudi decisions for residents 2020

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is working to provide various facilities for its citizens as well as its residents in order to work on developing and prospering significantly in various aspects of life, whether on the economic, social or other levels.

Saudi Arabia has worked to reduce many fees for escorts in the new year and this decision is considered for the individuals who reside in it. It is indicated that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has approved the issuance of a set of decisions that worked to cancel the sponsor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for all individuals, residents, escorts and expatriates, and that By working to approve the passports that indicate administrative security and that do not need the sponsor to be present most of the time to practice different professions.

In this article, we will present to you what are the most prominent decisions that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has worked to issue with regard to its residents in order to facilitate their obtaining the tasks they want.

Resident fees for the new year 2020
In the new year, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is facilitating many of its residents by issuing a decree on a financial decree after the month of July 2020, and when the Passports Department was issued in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it has answered all the questions that have arisen in the minds of residents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Resident decisions in Saudi Arabia for 2020
According to what the Minister of Commerce in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Majid Al-Qasabi, issued the statement, which includes many information that can in turn review the fees of the financial midwife on the work of expatriates in various fields in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and where he issued many decisions that are based on residents in 2020:

Working to direct great importance through confrontation, equality and change.
He stressed that the state will continue to improve procedures and regulations.
There must be maintenance and alteration work on several regulations of the recently issued municipalities.
Working to give the great opportunities that are embraced and the many riches equipped for investments from nature.
The workers must be paid in return from the beginning of 2018.
Work to include workers who came to the 2016 financial balance program.
Decisions of the Ministry of Labor in the Kingdom
According to what the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia issued a set of decisions concerning migrant workers, it worked to facilitate and exemptions for all companies and industrial facilities that are permitted to work.

The Kingdom has worked on issuing industrial licenses through which work is done on industrial establishments as part of the decisions it issued for expatriates, but there is a flaw in the number of migrant workers more than the numbers of Saudis and this matter which requires an increase in a number of establishments that depend on the difference between them and The Saudis.

Thus, the one who works in establishments must have a division of profits between him and the Saudis, and the profits are divided into five percent for each of the establishments that exist and operate by the expatriate administration to the Kingdom, and this decision will be applied in the beginning of the new year 2020