Kuwait health insurance fee details 2020
Kuwait health insurance fee details 2020

After the great fear of a large number of expatriates in the State of Kuwait, from the increase of sheep and health insurance fees in Kuwait for the year 2020, that work is underway to set the broad lines and the final touches of the project, expected to be implemented starting from the second quarter of next year or at the beginning of the summer.

In a big surprise, there is a study to seek the services of the private medical sector, as the company submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Health and the Council of Ministers to use 600 beds in private sector hospitals to operate the project temporarily until the completion of the construction and equipping of Daman Hospitals, which still needs at least two years to complete it.

It should be mentioned to our followers that the value of the insurance fee will cover all examinations, x-rays and surgical operations in hospitals. He said: “The mechanism of work in the guarantee system depends on the expatriate’s review of health insurance centers as a first stage of treatment against payment of fees estimated at 2.5 dinars at one visit, and if they are The health condition of the patient requiring hospitalization will be transferred from the health center to the hospital without fees.

On the segment of expatriates who are supposed to receive service in “Daman” hospitals during the year 2020, coinciding with the opening of them, indicating that the value of the health insurance is 130 dinars per person, and will include expatriates and their children who work in the private sector.

It is worth noting that these expenses will cover the insurance value, examinations, radiology and treatment, pointing out that the law did not specify the party that will take care of health care for incoming visitors after operating a guarantee system, stating that joining the family depends on the position of the company on which the person is registered.

According to many press sources in the State of Kuwait, there is a media plan that will be announced in time to educate the auditors about the health insurance and treatment mechanism, indicating that the current price in Daman dispensaries is the price of the private health sector.