Kuwaiti Aviation decides to start international flights on that date, on condition of PCR and 14-day reservation, and the price is a surprise
Kuwaiti Aviation decides to start international flights on that date, on condition of PCR and 14-day reservation, and the price is a surprise

Kuwaiti aviation set this morning, Wednesday, December 2, 2020, some new conditions, including PCR and a fourteen-day reservation in order to use Kuwait Airways and start international flights again. It also discussed that prices will be in the range of 600 or 700 dinars per person.

Responsible sources in Kuwait told the correspondent of Al-Nasr newspaper from inside the Kuwaiti territories this morning, about the intention of Kuwait Airways to hold a meeting this week with the National Aviation Services Company (NAS); In an attempt to coordinate and discuss the appropriate mechanism in a step for the return of arrivals from the 34 banned countries, as well as the final plan for the return of domestic workers.

Kuwait Airways provides good news to countries that are banned from using Kuwait Airways

In a related context, those sources indicated and showed in a statement this morning, Wednesday, December 2, 2020, with Al-Nasr newspaper - that the discussions will include identifying the comprehensive value for the institutional for a period of fourteen days, and analyzing the Corona examination (PCR), as well as the return trip to Kuwait. , Indicating that the prices will be in the range of 600 or 700 dinars per person.

In this regard, the sources stressed that the decision to return Kuwaiti aviation from the banned countries will be issued by the Council of Ministers in Kuwait in a review step towards the return plan by the Kuwaiti General Administration of Civil Aviation, Kuwaiti airlines, Jazeera Airways and Nas Aviation Services.

Aviation in Kuwait was identified in the list of 34 banned countries in the previous period, and it seems that things will greatly facilitate, after the appearance of the Corona virus vaccine from American companies and British companies, which will contribute greatly to bringing international flights again and opening life in particular. And that every passenger will take that vaccine at the airport or bring a certificate stating that he took the vaccine for the new Corona virus after the start of production of the vaccine.

During the previous period, “Kuwaiti Civil Aviation”, or what Kuwaiti aviation calls it, received financial offers from companies specialized in providing quarries, whether hotels or residential buildings, in the recent period. However, the prices of these companies are very exaggerated and reached 600-700 dinars per person for a period of four Ten days including the travel ticket, PCR examination, accommodation, and 3 meals per day, compared to the prices offered by some neighboring countries, which have decreased to 300-350 dinars. New reduced financial offers are expected to be received from companies, explaining that the matter is up to the cabinet authority to take the appropriate decision and determine The mechanism.

In addition, the sources said that Kuwait Airways had offered to provide meals from the company "Casco".

The main date for lifting the flight ban in Kuwait and details of the return of flights between Egypt and Kuwait directly and the opening of Kuwaiti airports
An official source announced this morning in a press interview with a reporter for Al-Nasr newspaper from the heart of Kuwaiti lands, that Minister “Mubarak Al-Haris” discussed during the last meeting the most prominent initial scenarios for the civil aviation plan, and that this plan includes the return of employment in batches from about 5 countries.

The responsible source added that who will announce and implement the plan after it is approved by the Council of Ministers.

As for the exact date for lifting the ban and for the return of workers to Kuwait again, the source confirmed in Haditha that the date of return has not been determined accurately yet, but there are expectations that it will be issued from one moment to the next.

Especially after "Kuwait" and "Al Jazeera" announced their full readiness for the start of the flights, announcing that determining the date of return is a mechanism of the Council of Ministers, which is responsible for determining it.

The source added that the necessary plans for the safe return of workers are being discussed, and that the decision awaits the Ministry of Health announcing the readiness of the medical, nursing and preventive teams to conduct examination and follow-up for the workers that will be allowed to return, which is estimated in the thousands.

The date of lifting the flight ban in Kuwait and the return of Egyptian aviation

During his visit, Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry discussed a number of important matters related to the continuation of the two countries ’strong relationship, and the continuation of cooperation, solidarity and joint action in the Arab and international framework.

In this regard, the Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs revealed in Haditha with Al-Nasr newspaper that it is necessary for the consensus in our vision to remain the dominant feature, and that it is necessary to work to find and activate new areas of cooperation that are in the interest of the two peoples.