Artificial respirators in Kuwait
Artificial respirators in Kuwait

Kuwaiti sources revealed this morning to almo5tsr newspaper correspondent, that Kuwait is currently on the verge of producing artificial respirators that all patients with coronavirus infection in Kuwait need.

In a related context, those sources confirmed that production will be at an average of 1,000 devices per week.

In this regard, the Chairman of the National Industrial Committee in the Council of Chambers of Kuwait, Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Saleh Al-Obaid, confirmed to the correspondent of Al-Nasr newspaper in Kuwait that a consortium of industry in Kuwait had started work, in order to produce respirators as a national product through the state’s plan from To support the containment of the current global crisis of the Coronavirus.

In this regard, the head of the National Industrial Committee in the Council of Chambers of Kuwait added to the correspondent of Al-Nasr newspaper in Kuwait: “In the case of crises and emergencies in Kuwait, some factories are converted to military or medical production, and we give an example to some countries that did this, such as what happened during the Second World War in America From converting auto factories to military production. "

On the other hand, the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources in Kuwait, and the Local Content Authority, the national factories in Kuwait, have invited all local manufacturers in Kuwait in order to join hands with the country in producing and manufacturing local respirators to support in containing the Corona virus crisis.

The sources pointed out that the industrial companies in Kuwait that can contribute to the manufacture of respirators are the air conditioning, electronics and plastic factories.

The correspondent of Al-Nasr newspaper in Kuwait quoted a member of the Board of Directors of the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce as saying, "The great support provided by the government of Kuwait to the industrial sector and its overcoming of all difficulties that prevent it and without providing the hoped-for role to serve this giving country, facilitated the work of many industrialists seeking to start production of this The type of equipment is important and required at the local and global level in light of these unusual circumstances that pass through the world.

On the other hand, industrial sources in Kuwait expected to start actual production of respirators within the next few days.

The sources also emphasized that the industrial sector in Kuwait is approaching the production of the first type of respirators, while the industrial sector is expected to be able to start providing 1,000 artificial respirators throughout the week.