King Salman issues new royal orders
King Salman issues new royal orders

In continuation of the new Saudi political reality towards regional and international countries, the Saudi King, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, presided over the session held by the Council of Ministers today at Al Yamama Palace.

According to the Saudi Press Agency "SPA", the council reviewed a number of reports on the developments of developments and their developments on the regional and international arenas.

The Saudi Cabinet renewed, "the Kingdom's condemnation of the aggression waged by Turkey on the regions of north-eastern Syria, and the threat it poses to regional security and peace, and negative repercussions on the security and stability of the region",

He pointed out "what was included in the final decision of the emergency meeting of the League of Arab States at the level of foreign ministers of the United Nations Security Council to take the necessary measures to stop the Turkish aggression as a clear violation of the principles of the United Nations Charter and Security Council resolutions that call for preserving the unity and independence of Syria" .

The Council stressed the necessity of adopting the political track as a single way to settle the crisis and resolve all its repercussions in a manner that guarantees compliance with international law and achieves the security of Syria, its neighbors, and the countries of the region.

On Wednesday, Turkey began a military operation in northern Syria, under the name "Spring of Peace", and claimed that the aim of the operation is to eliminate what it called the "terrorist corridor" to be established near Turkey's southern borders, in reference to the Kurdish "People's Protection Units", which it considers Ankara is an arm of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and is active in the "Syrian Democratic Forces" supported by the United States in the fight against ISIS.

Thus, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made its position clear and clear, along with a similar position expressed by the Zionist entity and the Arab Republic of Egypt.