India sends 88 specialists, doctors and nurses to the Emirates

The Embassy of the United Arab Emirates to the State of India revealed that the Indian authorities this morning sent medical personnel to the Emirates in order to help the Ministry of Health and Community Protection to eliminate the Corona virus.

In a related context, this comes within the efforts of the UAE Ministry of Health to eliminate the Corona virus in the UAE.

In this regard, the embassy revealed in its official account on the social media platform for short tweets Twitter: "In the context of the keenness of the state embassy in New Delhi to support the efforts of the UAE in combating the Corona pandemic, the Indian authorities allowed the dispatch of a medical staff consisting of 88 specialists, doctors and nurses as a first payment to The UAE during the coming short period to support the efforts of the state to contain the Corona pandemic, which reflects the special interest that the Indian government attaches to bilateral relations between the two countries. "

Relations between the two countries are very strong, especially as the Indian community is very widespread in the Emirates and works in many sectors and industries in the Emirates.