Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid talks about the salaries in the UAE The new salary scale for Dubai government employees
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid talks about the salaries in the UAE The new salary scale for Dubai government employees

Today morning, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council of Dubai, adopted a new resolution for the Executive Council No. (6) for the year 2020 to approve the financial allocations for employees of the Dubai government.

In a related context, it has determined the salary and grades schedule for Dubai Government employees as follows:

Table of grades and salaries for all employees and expats in the Emirates

A- The attached table of grades and salaries shall be approved according to this decision.

B- The table of grades and salaries consists of (16) sixteen job degrees, and every job grade consists of one job cycle to (3) three job rings according to each job grade, and each job cycle has the beginning and end of a financial peg from the total salary, determined according to Tables approved by the President of the Executive Council in accordance with a decision issued in this regard.

C- The total salaries indicated in the table of grades and salaries attached to this decision are reviewed based on an analytical study of the competitiveness of salaries and benefits in the labor market, which the Human Resources Department prepares in coordination with the Finance Department, whenever necessary.

Criteria for linking jobs to the salary and grading scale

A- The job groups are defined and categorized, the components of each group of jobs, the job levels and job descriptions of each job according to the procedural manual.

B- Each job within the job group is linked to one of the job rings, according to the criteria set by the Human Resources Department, including:

1. The availability of competencies, specializations and expertise required to occupy the position in the labor market, according to supply and demand and the extent of competition for it.

2. The degree of complexity of the job, in terms of its tasks and responsibilities, the quality of scientific qualifications, the required practical experiences, and the competencies and skills needed to fill it.

3. The extent of the job's impact on the department's main competences, in accordance with the legislation establishing it or regulating its work.

Gross salary components

The total salary of the employee consists of the following:

1. Basic salary, equal to (50%) of the total salary.

2. General bonus, equal to (50%) of the gross salary.

Minimum gross salary for a national employee

The minimum gross salary for resident civil servants in the third degree or less in an amount of (4,250) is four thousand two hundred and fifty dirhams, including social allowance.

Social allowance

The citizen employee deserves a social allowance, to which he is added to his gross salary, and the distribution rates specified in Article (8) of this decision are applied to this allowance. The percentage of this allowance is determined as follows:

1. (15%) of the gross salary of national employees holding grades from twelve to fourteen.

2. (20%) of the gross salary of the national employees who occupy the tenth and eleventh job grades.

3. (30%) of the gross salary of national employees who hold grades seven to nine.

4. (50%) of the gross salary of the national employees who hold the fifth and sixth positions.

5. (100%) of the gross salary for national employees who occupy grades one through four.

Total salary due upon appointment

A- The new employee deserves the gross salary for the beginning of the financial assessment for the job workshop related to the job degree assigned to it, and the department may grant him a financial increase that does not exceed (20%) from the beginning of the financial linkage for the job assigned, in the event that the employee possesses competencies, job skills, scientific qualifications and practical experiences that increase On what is needed for the job.

B- Notwithstanding what is stated in Paragraph (a) of this Article, the Department may grant the employee appointed to the sixteenth (16) degree, a financial increase exceeding the percentage specified in that paragraph, provided that:
1. Not to exceed the end of the career grade.

2. Obtaining the prior written approval from the Human Resources Department, and this approval is granted according to the methodology approved by it in studying salaries and wages in the labor market.

University degree holders

The comprehensive salary that is paid on a monthly basis to a citizen employee holding a university degree may not be less than (15,000,000) fifteen thousand dirhams, provided that:

1. His academic qualification should not be less than a Bachelor's degree or its equivalent.

2. That the requirements of the position he occupies require that the holder obtain a bachelor’s degree or at least the equivalent.

3. His scientific specialization should be related to the position he occupies.