Haitham bin Tariq
Haitham bin Tariq

A short while ago, the Sultanate of Oman was established in the new year 2020, with Sultan Haitham bin Tariq taking over the country instead of the late Sultan Qaboos bin Saeed.

In a related context, the Sultanate of Oman has set the amount of 600 riyals (one riyal equals 2.6 dollars) to request obtaining Omani nationality in the new executive regulations.

In this regard, the Omani newspaper "Al-Shabiba" revealed on its website "Twitter" today, Thursday, that Hammoud bin Faisal Al Busaidi, the Minister of Interior, issued a ministerial decision to issue the executive regulations of the Omani Nationality Law.

On the other hand, the Omani newspaper "Al Shabiba" indicated that the first article of the decision clarified the implementation of the provisions of the regulations, while the second article canceled everything that contradicts it or conflicts with its provisions, and according to the third article, the work of the regulation will be on the day following the date of its publication in the official newspaper.

According to the Oman Youth newspaper, the list included four chapters and an annex to the application fees related to citizenship issues, as a fee of 200 Omani riyals was set for a request to retrieve or waive Omani nationality, and six hundred Omani riyals to request obtaining Omani nationality.

According to the Omani newspaper, Al-Shabiba, the regulation specified a fee of about three hundred riyals to apply for obtaining Omani nationality for a foreigner, the wife of the Omani, the widow of the Omani or divorced woman, or the minor who is born of the Omani woman.