Saudi Airlines at King Abdulaziz Airport
Saudi Airlines at King Abdulaziz Airport

Currently, Saudi Arabian Airlines is preparing to reopen international aviation, as part of the measures taken by the Kingdom to return life to normal in light of the spread of the Corona pandemic and the attempt to adapt and coexist with it.

In a related context, Saudi Airlines revealed during the end of last May, the return of domestic flights between Saudi cities only, with full commitment to the precautionary measures and social divergence, and the company warned its customers against buying paper tickets and relying on purchasing tickets through the website.

Saudi Airlines opening dates

Al-Mukhtasar newspaper publishes Saudi Airlines opening times and the date of Saudi Arabian Airlines opening.

The return of Saudi aviation locally.

Saudi Airlines announced the return of domestic flights only, since the end of last May between Saudi cities, with full commitment to precautionary measures and social separation between travelers.

The return of Saudi aviation internationally.

On the other hand, Saudi Airlines revealed that international flights have not yet been opened, except for permitted international flights only, pointing out that the permitted flight is the return flights for residents leaving for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as those presented on the return platform.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia did not announce any details until that moment regarding the date for the resumption of international flights, stressing that the suspension of international flights is still in effect until the moment, in compliance with the precautionary measures announced by the competent authorities to limit the spread of the Corona virus.