A fine for violating the settlement decision 20 thousand riyals
A fine for violating the settlement decision 20 thousand riyals

A new Saudi decision regarding expatriates ... and a fine of $ 5,000 for violators, resettlement of jobs in Saudi Arabia

A new settlement policy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

In this context, Saudi Arabia has introduced new amendments to the health institutions system that are working to strengthen the job localization system, known as "Saudization"; which will enhance the country's tendency to reduce dependence on foreign workers from Arab and foreign countries.

Cabinet approval of the new resettlement decision for expatriates
In a related development, the Saudi Cabinet issued, at its weekly session, hours before its decision to approve the proposal of the Minister of Health in this context

A government statement regarding the Emiratization decision regarding expatriates in Saudi Arabia
In the government statement, after the session, according to what the Saudi News Agency reported, "The owner of the clinic is required to be a Saudi doctor, specialized in the nature of the clinic's work, as its supervisor, and full-time full-time for it."

Saudi government plans regarding the work of expats and Emiratisation decisions
As part of its future economic and development plan, the Saudi government targets "Vision 2030":

 Reducing the unemployment rate to 7%
And it plans to reduce this percentage to 9%, during 2020, through an economic reform program that aims to create 450,000 jobs for Saudis and replace 1.2 million jobs with citizens.
Saudi Arabia launched the resettlement initiative in health professions
It is worth noting that last March, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stubbornly embarked on the initiative to localize the pharmacy professions, with the aim of enabling national cadres to be qualified to work in the field

A fine for violating the Emiratization decision
The Saudi authorities issued an important alert to all citizens and residents that a large fine is imposed on all violators of Emiratization decisions of 20 thousand riyals (US $ 5.33 thousand), and deport any foreigner working in occupations specific to citizens.