Expats in Saudi Arabia
Expats in Saudi Arabia

Some media in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has published new details regarding raising the fees for some professions in which thousands of expatriates or expatriate workers work to 10 thousand riyals annually, especially with the approach of collecting accompanying fees for the year 2020, as it is expected that the collection of accompanying fees will start during the month of June Next year 2020.

In a related context, the fees for workers in some occupations after a few months can reach approximately 10 thousand riyals in addition to some other fees, and there are other occupations in which the fees increased to reach about 14 thousand Saudi riyals. And that is through the process of calculating the raising of fees on occupations in which expatriates work,

Whereas equal employment, or less than the numbers of Saudi workers, will pay 300 riyals per month and a total of 3600 riyals annually, last year’s renewal prices for the year 2019 were “300 riyals”, and today the annual amount has doubled to become the monthly fee of 700 riyals, and a total of 8,400 riyals per year The one, while residency renewal fees will be for employment that is equal to or less than the numbers of Saudi workers.

3600 annual financial compensation 300 riyals for each month, in addition to 100 work licenses and 650 residence fees, for a total cost of 4350 riyals other than accompanying fees, while the amount has doubled this year 2020 and the residence fee has become 650 riyals and work permit 100 and financial compensation 8400, 700 riyals for each One month, for a total of 9,150 riyals for one year.

Also, renewing the expatriate's residence in a facility with surplus expatriate labor costs 4,800 riyals annually, in addition to 650 riyals as a renewal fee for passports for a year and 500 riyals medical insurance if the worker is less than thirty-five years old, and the insurance escalates to reach 2,800 riyals if the age reaches 60 years.

And the cost of renewing the worker will be in both cases: 5950 riyals (approximately 6 thousand riyals), and 8150 riyals, and there is a possibility to request some sponsors for an annual amount for the renewal of their sponsored, especially in cases of employment that works for itself in workshops or commercial cover-up shops.