General security in Saudi Arabia
General security in Saudi Arabia

Now we will monitor you the method of inquiring about public security only with the civil registry number, in order to follow up and learn about new promotions for public security and public security salaries in the registry, and this new plan comes within the framework of strategic goals that you plan to activate the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in order to convert all regular government services into electronic In order to keep pace with progress in the whole world, the Saudi Ministry of Interior has announced a way to inquire about promotions for public security, so follow us to find out the details.

Public Security inquiry by record number

The Ministry of Interior in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made available a number of new services, with the aim of using for promotions in public security, and this new service is available to everyone, where all beneficiaries and employees of the interior can benefit from the points of promotion in the public security in the Kingdom.

Steps to inquire about promotions in the Saudi public security

Link to the public security promotions "Inquiry about public security promotions in Saudi Arabia"

  1. You must fill in the required information from you upon entering through the link to inquire about promotions in the General Security and the civil registry number of the beneficiary
  2. After a place will appear in front of you to type the main symbol, after completing the data, click on the Public Security Promotions Inquiry.

The Saudi Ministry of Interior also provides a new service for inquiring about public security employees, which is a service specific to all job categories and specializes to officers and civilian individuals as well, and the service also includes retirees from employees of the Public Security Directorate, and it specializes with former military personnel.

It should be mentioned, following us, that this service is also concerned with financial transactions, which makes it of great importance, and the method of inquiry is very simple and does not require only the civil registry number.